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 Practical, environmentally friendly, and beautiful the Destination Montana Cutting Board by Totally Bamboo is everything you could ever want in a cutting board. The Destination Montana Cutting Board is a cutting board made from 100% bamboo and is gentler on your knives than plastic or glass cutting boards. Not only is the Destination Montana Cutting Board a delightfully functional cutting board, it is also shaped just like Montana. Laser engraved across the Destination Montana Cutting Board are different cities, roads, and landmarks that you'll easily recognize. From West Yellowstone to Cut Bank to Thompson Falls to Wibaux, the Destination Montana Cutting Board has it all. Show off your favorite place while also having a cutting board that's a cut above the rest with the Destination Montana Cutting Board. 

Totally Bamboo began as a company making director's chairs for television and movie sets. As they searched for better materials to make their chairs, they came across bamboo and loved its durability but also its sustainability. Bamboo is technically a grass so when it's harvested, the roots stay in the ground, and it's quicker to regrow. They were the first to invent a cutting board made from bamboo and want others to experience how great this wood can be. Time to buy a Montana Shiplap Cutting Board by Totally Bamboo! 

Montana State 'Cities of Montana' Cutting Board

SKU: 11988-02956
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