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We all love spending time in Montana whenever we can find the time to spend in Big Sky Country.

That is why we try to bring home a little of Montana whenever we go back home.

The Bamboo Montana Cutting Board will be perfect for those nights you are making your Montana dish.

Clean up is easy all you need is warm water and a mild detergant.

Totally Bamboo makes all their products in America out of forever growing bamboo.

The Bamboo Montana Cutting Board will make a great Montana gift for anyone on your list.

The bamboo cutting board will be a great addition for the home.

Totally Bamboo began as a company making director's chairs for television and movie sets. As they searched for better materials to make their chairs, they came across bamboo and loved its durability but also its sustainability. Bamboo is technically a grass so when it's harvested, the roots stay in the ground, and it's quicker to regrow. They were the first to invent a cutting board made from bamboo and want others to experience how great this wood can be. Time to buy a Montana Shiplap Cutting Board by Totally Bamboo! 

Montana State Bamboo Cutting Board

SKU: 75118-00848
  •  Due to weight, there may be additional shipping charges to some locations.

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